People in Boston care very much about the news The Boston Globe brings. However, many people, including myself, are not happy with the user experience they get from it. While there are several places on the site that need improvement, I chose to work on the subscription registration and payment checkout pages.

My attempt to subscribe to started by clicking on the 'Subscribe' button. This action opened up a menu with two subscription options, See screenshot below.

I chose Digital Access (see screenshot below) but while I was on that page I also wanted to see what they offer for the Home Delivery.

Here are the things I did not like about this page:

In a nutshell, this page opened a can of questions in my mind. Even if I am attracted to Globe’s journalism, I needed to think hard before subscribing to their service.

Next I went back to their home page by clicking the Boston Globe heading on top. I had to click the ‘Subscribe’ button and select the home delivery link.

A few observations immediately came to mind:

Overall, I disliked the following:

After this I conducted a small Interview with one of my neighbor. Problems she mentioned

Her overall experience with Globe was quite unsatisfactory.

Once I was done with interview and jotted down my points, I started sketching a rough draft on paper. My aim here is:

Once I knew the components I am building I drew those interactions on a piece of paper. It helps me to think on a blank canvas

One I was happy with the basics, I used the Sketch app to draw the prototype and Invision to gather the interactivity. The screenshot below is my first draft on Sketch:

I realized that my first draft had too much text and is not intuitive. So I moved down the 'less important' text below the fold and put the important ones at top. After a few iteration I created the final design.