Story of Cooks

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My personal cooking blog where I publish high resolution photographs and recipes, occasionally.

story of cooks


I started Story of Cooks in April, 2014 to publish recipes that I learn from my mother, relatives and friends. Later I got interested in Food Photography so Story of Cooks became my online journal for publishing travelogues, recipes and personal feelings. It's a medium scale blog. When I started the website, I used Wordpress because of my expertise (5 years) with the it. But due to time constraint I purchased a few themes. I was never happy with any theme I purchased as they all have unnecessary Javascript files.

When I took Prof Bakthiar Mikhak's Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing in summer of 2016, I got a chance to redesign my site and build a wordpress theme from scratch




Sketch, Invision, GitHub, Wordpress child theme, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP


7 weeks


Design Process

Github account creation

I had familiarity with SVN before coming to the class but I learned how to create a github account and use it on daily basis. We used github for journaling purpose where we wrote down our class activities and learnings.

CMS research

Before starting the actual project Professor Mikhak focussed on exploring other CMS and brainstorming the pros and cons of them. I researched on -

Why wordpress?

But, I decided to choose wordpress for a number of reasons.

It was not an easy decision to make.


Professor Mikhak emphasized on paper sketches and I learned the importance of paper sketch. I did a paper sketch and finally transformed that paper sketch into a digital design using Sketch.

Design flaws - Focus group study

After the design was done, I did a focus group study with some of my users. Based on their review I continued updating the design. But at that point I created hi-fi prototype using HTML and CSS.

design process

Development Process

Future Scopes

Work with Story of Cooks did not end with this class. I decided to increase the scope of Story of Cooks and

But due to time constraints in Fall 2016 I could not implement any of them. I am planning to implement some of them very soon.